Friday, May 4, 2012

I love antibiotics.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I love the evenings when the Hooting Frog is not.
I totally love Cathy Zielske's sense of humour!
I love that it's a new month so there are new challenges and new tasks to complete and learn from for OLW and MMEW.
I really love reading Karen Grunbergs reflections on life, the universe and everything. I feel like I can identify with or learn from most things she says.
I love that Gretchen Rubin has a new book coming out in September.
I love doing a few classes at Big Picture Classes even if they aren't what I was expecting.
I love that I finally roasted the pumpkin and kumara so I can have salad for lunch on Friday.
I love finding a few cool new blogs to check out every so often.
I love that tomorrow is a kindy day.
I love that I have great technology at my fingers that works.
I love that we basically managed to stay at home two days in a row (no shopping except Milk).
I love getting great feedback on my scrapbook LO's from strangers.
I love that the discussion I had with my son tonight was calm and well done.
I love that I stopped the god-awful noise the plant was making against the fence.
I love that I made the Fire Flash from Thunderbirds today for Will. And I love that Kieran helped him make the elevator cars.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I love old school cartoons- especially Loony Tunes and Mickey Mouse when he was totally black and white.
I love Tamas softy softy skin.
I love that my Grandma is coming back to Australia. I'll love it more if she is happy to be here.
I love that my Aunty Louise is super happy, had a great wedding, awesome dress and now has a super cool husband.
I love that living in Perth there is no pressure to go visit anyone.
I love sharing cool stuff with my friends via facebook, pinterest and email.
I love the possibilities of new friends on the horizon.
I love the opportunity to stay at home with my kids each day.
I love how watching Q&A today on the ABC made me see myself a little clearer.
I love the new series of Offspring. Heck I just love offspring full stop.
I'm loving going back and listening to old Paper Clipping round tables. It's nice to hear the voices of the faces I have admired all this time.
I love that this is one blog where I don't feel so bad that I missed a whole bunch of days but can come back and just dive back in.
I loved that I got yo see that cloud this morning that was low and whispy and moving so fast that it's form was constantly changing- it was awesome.
I love trying the new Cadbury Chocolate flavour...even if it wasn't all that good.
I love that with the exception of a sports practice 'Taxi run' we stayed home all day today.
I love the opportunity to learn from a variety of scrapbookers and crafters both in formal and informal situations.
I love discovering a host of interesting new blogs.
I love Habit blog.
I love the way Will repeated one of the lines I never realised that I say. And then I said it again later that afternoon and laughed again, at myself this time.
I love it when a layout simply comes together in a matter of minutes.
I love looking back and finding I was more productive than I thought.
I love the anticipation that comes from planting spring bulbs.
I love the nights when the hooting frog doesn't.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I love fly spray.
I love that I just simplified the way I used this blog to feel grateful for my life and the things in it. I love that I can change the rules if I want to.
I love that I have exercised this year.
I love my one little word for 2012- Simple and the changes I will bring with it.
I love the simplicity of Jamie Waters scrapbook pages.
I loved the opportunity to photograph lightning as the sun was rising.
I love the Kiwi shop.
I loved going out and delivering chocolate to girls with Kieran.
I love space to move and play and live.
I love that we have a frog living in our backyard.
I love the possibilities that are open to us tomorrow.
I love the quirky nature of short films (and short stories). I should read and watch more.
I love old episodes of Dr Who.
I love 5pm rescue, thank-you Les.
I love sweet green grapes.
I love pininterest, even if it is a time suck.
I love Air conditioning.
I love the gusto with which Tama enjoys food and wet face cloths.
I love our new dining table and am looking forward to having our first meal together there.
I love walking on the damp grass on a warm night and standing knee deep in the paddling pool.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello 2012, I love you already.